How to win a baby photo contest – Baby Steps

baby contest outdoorsIt is easy to help a baby win a photo contest. Provided that you have essential tips, the whole process will turn out to be easy and fruitful. There are various considerations that should be put in place if you want your baby to excel in the process. Contrary to the poplar believe, a high quality camera is not the sole determinant, there several other factors that should accompany the selection of cameras. The most rewarding tips include:

  • Have your baby “act natural”

It is important to focus on capturing the child when he/she is in a natural moment. This may require taking photos when the child is engaging in natural activities e.g. while playing with toys. When to take a photo when your child is in his/her natural moment, you will be able to come up with photos that match with the environment.

  • Observe… and wait for the right time

You need to be patient. A baby needs to get into the groove of things so that he/she does not pose for the photographer.

  • Take photos outdoors

There is one major reason why photos should be taken out doors. The lighting in the outdoors is of high quality. In addition, taking photos in the open will enable you to make use of the natural light which will facilitate the display of the hidden beauty. You may also need to include some foliage as well as other aspects that can be found e.g. trees and flowers. On the other hand, if you should take photos indoors, there are certain measures that you should consider. For instance, good lighting is essential so that blurredness can be eliminated.

  • Avoid the use of make up

It is important to avoid the use of makeup. Naturally, judges are less likely to be impressed by makeup on kids. Don’t also forget that makeup will ‘add’ years thus making the kid appear older. Moreover, makeup is not safe for use on children.

  • Get the best camera – A camera that has the correct features

A good camera will help too. You need to go for a camera that has features such as children setting. Such features will enable you to take the photos quickly before the child changes the posture. It should also be remembered that good cameras will reduce the chances of taking blurred photos.

  • Ensure that the child is smiling

Definitely, everyone likes a smiling face. You need to use mechanisms such as toys and pictures so as to provoke the smiling response from the child. Always bear in mind that judges will be happier when your child is happy that when he/she is sad or crying. However, you need to be cautious too since if the kid overdoes it, it may affect the judges’ response.

Basically, there are various factors that need to be considered. From the above explanations, it is evident that no single tip will guarantee success. All the tips should work together if the best results to be achieved. Provided that you adhere to the requirements as indicated, you should expect nothing less that excellence.